Our Expertise

Most studios never reach their full creative potential, simply because they won't get trusted with the budgets they need to perform at their best —we can help.

The People

We create like artists, plan like agencies, and think like consultants.

It’s our mission to combine creative expertise and business experience to help creative companies attract and win dream clients. 

Marko Pfann

Founder & Executive Coach (NLP)

Michael Layer

PR & Marketing Expert

Björn Jensen

Financing & New Markets Expert

Alexandru Scuta

Crypto & web3 Marketing Expert

Stefanie Pfann

Branding Expert

Our Board Advisors

Judith Marthaler

Interim Marketing Executive For Data-Driven Corporations

David W. Valentin

Hollywood Executive Producer & Chairman of VES

Josef Brandmaier

Media Financing & VC Expert

Michael Wickham

Corporate Culture Transformation & Start-up Mentor

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